At Stem4Girls we believe that the best way to learn is to learn by doing, that’s why we offer a wide variety of programs that let students apply their knowledge in fun ways. Contact us for ways to join these programs as a student or mentor.



Build cool robots and compete internationally against other teams! Whether you’re in kindergarten or in twelfth grade there’s no reason you can’t have fun bringing to life your very own robot. Along the way you’ll learn valuable technical skills as well as the ability to work with a team.


eCYBERMISSION is a web-based STEM competition for students in grades six through nine that promotes self-discovery. . Teams of three or four students are instructed to ask questions or define problems, and then construct explanations or design solutions based on identified problems in their community.

Math Kangaroo

Great at math? This is your chance to win various prizes and compete with students from all over the globe as you test the extent of your mathematical and logical capabilities.

SourceAmerica Design Challenge

The SourceAmerica Design Challenge is a national engineering competition in which participants create innovative workplace technologies for people with disabilities. The innovations enhance employment options and increase productivity in the work environment for those with disabilities.