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A message from the desk of the CEO - STEM4Girls

Growing up, the field was my classroom

I remember watching in curiosity as my dad mixed ghee into his black coffee, gulping it down at 4:30 in the morning as he disappeared for the animal pens. Sometimes I would follow him through the door, watching him as he quietly milked the livestock, carrying the fresh milk to sell at the neighborhood tea stalls. When the sun came out, my dad would be out on our paddy field, where I would follow him with interest.

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By bringing students together to build a much-needed positive impact in the world, STEM for agriculture is committed to solving these ongoing agriculture problems.

As a new agricultural revolution is underway

our aim is to activate natural capabilities by integrating nature and technology in order to achieve a 70 percent increase in food production by 2050.

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There are new technical solutions coming to the forefront

New prospects for the workers come with these. To give some context, the agricultural sector hires more than 1.3 billion people worldwide, almost 40% of the global workforce.

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The agricultural industry is the largest

provider of employment in the world and in many countries, the largest provider of employment for women. This is a giant industry that bears so much of the weight of the struggles of the planet.

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