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STEM4Girls is proud and excited to announce a grant opportunity for students interested in STEM; Science, Engineering, Environment, and Math project.

Our children can develop an interest and enthusiasm for nature, climate change, environmental issues, and preserving the environment through early ecological education. We have a higher chance of generating a generation of lifelong environmental activists who will continue to live sustainable lives into adulthood if we foster this passion at a young age.

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Stem in Environment challenge

To promote Environment, STEM4Girls will help students with up to 500 dollars to work on a unique STEM project

For School kids who identify as female or
Group, with at least one student identifying as(up to 500 dollars). female, these grants are eligible .

Submit your proposal before the challenge period (February 1 - March 1) that you plan to do in your garden and the top ten entries will earn the grant (up to 500 dollars).

Students may also submit a report at the end of the challenge period to get more funding for their future projects.

A potential grant of $1000 will be given to the first-place entry and $750 will be given to the second-place entry.

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