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STEM4Girls is proud and excited to announce a grant opportunity for students interested in STEM; Science, Engineering, Agriculture, and Math project.

Agriculture relies upon the resources of the earth, such as soil and water. In a seminal report, threats to our biosphere have been established within the principles of 'planetary boundaries' that describe ideals that carry the potential for catastrophic consequences when crossed. Some planetary limits, such as climate change and the depletion of biodiversity, are well-known. Others are not recognized so readily.

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Stem in agriculture challenge

To promote art and science in Agriculture, STEM4Girls will help students with up to 500 dollars to work on a unique STEM project

For K-PG students who identify as female or
Group, with at least one student identifying as female, these grants
are eligible.

Submit your proposal before the challenge period (February 1 - March 1) that you plan to do in your garden and the top ten entries will earn the grant (up to 500 dollars).

Students may also submit a report at the end of the challenge period to get more funding for their future projects.

A potential grant of $1000 will be given to the first-place entry and $750 will be given to the second-place entry.