No, it is based on the grade of the student. STEM4Creativity global challenge is open for kids from K-PG

As stated in the submission guidelines, teams can contain between 4-10 students within the same age category. At least one of these students is required to be female.
Although STEM4Girls is a non-profit focusing on instilling a love for STEM within young girls, the programs run by STEM4Girls are open to children of any gender so long as they follow the requirements stated within the submission guideline.
There is no restriction on the budget amount, but STEM4Girls will provide grants up to 250 dollars for an individual or team. Example: A team can submit a proposal for 140 dollars, and another group can submit a request for 340 dollars. STEM4Girls will allocate 140 dollars for the first and 250 dollars for the second if these entries are selected.
The timeline for this year’s global challenge can be found within the “Key Dates” section in the submission guidelines.
After all projects have been submitted before the submission deadline, a board of experts within various scientific fields will review the projects. After teams have been selected, they will present their project to the judges. A final decision regarding the teams recieving the grant will be released during IRCC 2024. Further details can be seen within the submission guidelines.
We are non-profit and always appreciate sponsorship to promote STEM. If you know someone interested in sponsoring the event, please contact stem@stem4girls.org