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Welcome to our challenge

STEM4Girls is proud and excited to announce a funding opportunity for students interested in STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics projects.

Children will be given the opportunity to develop an interest and enthusiasm for learning more about the world. By fostering this passion at a younger age, we dream to create a generation of lifelong researchers who continue to live inquisitive lives throughout adulthood.

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STEM4Creativity challenge

To promote research in STEM, STEM4Girls supports students with up to 250 dollars to explore a unique STEM project.

In order to promote curiosity in STEM, STEM4Girls is providing a funding opportunity to assist students with up to $250 to research a unique STEM-based project that addresses ongoing local issues.


These grants are available for students that identify as female, or with at least one student identifying as female in the team. Three categories including elementary, middle-school and high/secondary schools are eligible to participate.


Each team can have 4-10 students with at least one female. The experts will review the project proposals, and a maximum of 5 outstanding projects from each category will be funded to complete the proposed research.