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In collaboration with Global Young Researchers’ Academy (GYRA), STEM4Girls and SCIENTIA an International Research Conference for Children-2023 (IRCC-23) has been organized at Different Art Centre, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India on 22nd and 23rd July 2023.

The conference is an international platform bringing together student researchers at school level, teachers, parents, administrators, and stakeholders across the world.

Students from Grade 1 (elementary) to higher secondary (+2) are invited.

The conference will include specific keynote, plenary, and featured lectures by internationally established scientists, and talks, poster sessions, and presentations by school students.

The students will be given opportunities to interact with the reputed scientists and will be motivated by the collaborative network among their peer groups.

IRCC-23 invites abstracts from the student researchers on the any topic of their interest and to compete for various awards. No barriers for your research!

Please complete your registration and to submit your abstract.

A requirement of one teacher/guardian for the group of 10 students has been made mandatory for ensuring the safety of the students.

IRCC-23 will greatly benefit your students and we encourage you to avail this wonderful opportunity.



STEM4Girls is a non-profit corporation aiming to encourage the pursuit of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, collectively termed STEM fields. STEM4Girls place particular emphasis on the encouragement and leadership of girls and other underrepresented groups in STEM fields beyond any barriers. STEM4Girls works to bring fun, educational workshops and camps available garner the interest of young minds in the hopes that it will help them throughout their lives.


Global Young Researchers Academy (GYRA) is an international non-profit organization (based on Oregon, United States), with a mission of fostering research aptitude in school children paving the ways to create next-generation researchers. GYRA envisions to address the increasing global demand for committed researchers by initiating and igniting the middle school students to engage in research within their niche following the advanced level standard scientific research methodology. GYRA provides opportunity to collaborate, facilitate, and offer a new and innovative model of research-oriented education and training in the 21st century.


Inspired from the prime focus of Different Art Center on training and empowering differently abled children in various art forms including magic, music, musical instruments, dance and drawing, SCIENTIA has been evolved as a unique and innovative platform aiming to improve their scientific and intellectual aptitude. The students in SCIENTIA have been guided by an internationally renowned team of researchers and academicians to conduct scientific research projects at basic and advanced level. Importantly, SCIENTIA focuses on the overall development of children with disabilities by triggering their scientific talents including observation and analytical skills, reasoning, learning ability, standard laboratory practices, data generation, analysis and interpretation, and communication skills.

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People Behind Our Success

Our Patron
Kerala Sree Gopinath Muthukad
Different Art Center, Trivandrum
Conference Chair
Dr. Mathews Irimpan
Conference Co-chair
Dr. Finosh Thankam
GYRA, Scientia and STEM4Girls, USA
Conference Co-chair
Dr. Joby Joseph
Technical Advisor
Mr. Nixon Xavier
STEM4Girls, USA.
Organizing Chair
Mr. Raibin Raphy
GYRA, Scientia and STEM4Girls, USA
Financial advisor
Mr. Aloysius K
STEM4Girls, USA.
Students’ Representative
Ms. Raina Raphy
STEM4Girls, USA.
Conference Coordinator
Ms. Anjali Balachandran
STEM4Girls, India.
Conference Proceedings Editor
Rev. Dr. Vincent Pereppadan
GYRA, India.
Review Committee Chair
Dr. Priyankar Bhooshan
GYRA, India.
Review Committee Member
Dr. Renju Joseph
GYRA, India.
Conference Management
Ms. Shyla Thomas


Dr. Mathews Irimpan
Stanford University, USA.
Dr. Finosh Thankam
Western University of Health Sciences, USA.
Dr. Joby Joseph
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India.
Dr. Praveen Vemula
National Center for Biological Sciences Bangalore, India.
Mr Mohan Kumar
CEO & Managing Director Strides Pharma Global Pte Ltd, Singapore.
Remya Kommeri
University of Pittsburgh, PA, USA 15213.

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Call for abstract
Instructions for abstract preparation.
Abstract Template
Author affiliation should be followed by the Email ID of the corresponding author. Corresponding author should be an adult; either teacher or guardian.
References relevant to the abstract if any should be placed at the bottom. References should not be cited in the text.

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Contact information
  • Different Art Centre at the Magic Planet
    Sainik School PO, Thiruvananthapuram
    Kerala 695585, India